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Ellie Mae System Status Message


Encompass Home Page: RESOLVED
 - We have resolved the issue with Encompass Home Page. It is now loading normally and our teams are monitoring systems to ensure stability. (10/6/15 3:45pm PT)
- We are currently investigating reports of the Encompass Home Page not loading, or slowly loading. (10/6/15 3:30pm PT)
Encompass Latency: ONGOING
 - We have seen performance return to normal levels. Our teams will continue to monitor systems to ensure stability continues. (10/6/15 12:00pm PT)
 - We are currently investigating reports from some users of general Encompass latency when logging in, and navigating the application. (10/6/15 11:30am PT)

Encompass Test Environments: RESOLVED
- Service has returned to normal for the affected Encompass Test environments. (10/6/15 1:15pm PT)

- We are currently working to resolve an issue affecting access to, and use of test environments. (10/6/15 12:45pm PT)

Settings Sync:
- Clients are cautioned to review knowledge article 7245 for information on the proper use the Settings Sync Tool for synchronizing data between Encompass environments.  
- We have observed a recent increase in the number of sync-related issues as a result of not synchronizing depedent settings, or failing to sync settings in the proper order, resulting in errors and loss of use of Encompass in some cases.

CoreLogic / Credco:
 - Maintenance: CoreLogic has informed us that they will be performing maintenance on Saturday, October 10, starting at 10pm PT.  The extent of this maintenance exercise is expected to last approximately 4 hours, with 2.5 hrs of total downtime anticipated.
 IRS System Issues Affecting Transcript Delivery:  RESOLVED
   The IRS reports that their processing backlog has been cleared and are now able to process requests within normal turn-times.  (10/6/15)

   CoreLogic has informed us that the Secure Object Repository system used by the IRS to deliver completed 4506-T transcripts has been offline since late Monday,10/5/15 evening. This is preventing them from retrieving and delivering completed orders.  The IRS is aware of the issue and has technical teams working to resolve it. We will provide further updates as the situation progresses.


Red "X" in Encompass Loan Log: RESOLVED
 - We released a potential fix on Friday 10/2. As the issue is sporadic, we will be taking this week to validate before calling this issue resolved. (10/4/15)
- Our development team is currently working on a fix for this issue. We're testing the fix now and will schedule it for release in the next available Hot Update following full sign-off. (9/30/15)
 - We have begun receiving reports from some clients who's users are encountering a red "X" when in an Encompass Loan File -> within the Loan Log. Running a Repair on Microsoft .Net 4.5.1, or updating to Microsoft .Net version 4.5.2 resolves this issue. (9/21/15)



RESPA-TILA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) Resources
For questions and concerns related to TRID, we encourage you to visit the following resources available via the Ellie Mae Resource Center:

  • RESPA-TILA RESOURCE LIST – a knowledge article which links to all other knowledge articles and general TRID-related resources.
  • RESPA-TILA Integrated Disclosures page – a page in the Resource Center dedicated to TRID, including Documentation, Quick Reference Guides, Quick Answers, Video Tutorials, Recorded Webinars, and Popular Topics.
  • 15.1 Release Topics & Communications – a page in the Resource Center which alerts you to, and allows you to track issues related to our latest release and hot updates, including those which are TRID-specific (available to Named Contacts).
  • CFPB TRID Resources Website – a page hosted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which provides resources describing the details of TRID rule implementation.

Attention Windows 7 and 8.x Users
On July 29th Microsoft released Windows 10. At this time Windows 10 is not supported by Ellie Mae and our recommendation is to not install Windows 10 on any workstation that is needed to access  Encompass.
Please reference our Product System Requirements & Compatibility Matrix found on the Resource Center for any workstation used to access Encompass.

Encompass Version 15.1:
Clients in need of the Encompass or SDK install or upgrade links for version 15.1, may download the installer from the following location: https://resourcecenter.elliemae.com/resourcecenter/Downloads.aspx

## When experiencing general, system wide latency, we often refer to sites such as "www.internetpulse.net" and "www.downdetector.com" for ISP health statistics and to corroborate trends that might be occurring within the public domain that are affecting various Internet Service Providers.  Common Windows networking utilities such as "ping" and "tracert" can be used to further isolate and determine the condition of the local and wide-area networks and the stability of various Internet Service Providers over which your internet traffic is routing.


Ellie Mae System Maintenance


Ellie Mae may be conducting scheduled system maintenance during the windows defined below.

Access to Encompass®, Encompass® services, and the Ellie Mae NetworkTM may be unavailable during a maintenance window.

Thursday, October 1 Unplanned maintenance 10pm - 10:30pm PT An unplanned EDM/eFolder-eSign maintenance activity will be conducted on the evening of October 1.
A 10 to 15 minute disruption to EDM/eFolder-eSign service is expected at, or around 10pm PT.         
Friday, October 2 Scheduled maintenance 10pm- 11pm PT A planned maintenance activity which will affect EPPS, is scheduled during the window of 10pm - 11pm PT.  
This will conincide with the Encompass hot udpate.
Tuesday, October 6 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Thursday, October 8 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Saturday, October 10 / Sunday, October 11 Scheduled maintenance 4pm - 4am PT  
Tuesday, October 13 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Thursday, October 15 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Saturday, October 17 / Sunday, October 18 Scheduled maintenance 4pm - 4am PT  
Tuesday, October 20 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Thursday, October 22 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  

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