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Service Status Comments
Encompass® Hosting Servers

Fully Operational - See Below for Calendar Field issue

Encompass Appraisal Center

Fully Operational

Encompass Compliance Service

Fully Operational - See Below for Error Updating Alert Reportable Fields

Encompass Document Solution

Fully Operational - See Below: Disclosure Notifications

Mavent® System

Fully Operational

Electronic Document Management

Fully Operational

Ellie Mae Fax Service

Fully Operational

Encompass Product and Pricing Service

Fully Operational

Ellie Mae Loan Center / eSigning

Fully Operational

Encompass Title Center

Fully Operational

Encompass TPO WebCenter

Fully Operational

Encompass WebCenter

Fully Operational

Ellie Mae Network Services

Fully Operational

Encompass Homepage

Fully Operational

Encompass CRM

Fully Operational

Learning Management System

Fully Operational

Technical Support Phone Support

Fully Operational

Technical Support Online Chat Support

Fully Operational

Client Forums

Fully Operational

Ellie Mae System Status Message

Disclosure Notification Emails:
We're investigating unusual behavior when disclosures are sent, the borrower(s) have signed, and package retreived back into the efolder -  the LO/LP is is receiving an email notification informing them that disclosures have NOT yet been signed. These are false notifications. Our teams are currently working to identify cause and resolve this. (5/21/15 8:30am PT).

Ellie Mae Network Services: Fannie Mae DO/DU - RESOLVED
We have corrected the issue preventing the Fannie Mae DO/DU "stprefront" text from displaying. (5/21/15 9:00am PT)

We're currently investigating an issue causing the Fannie Mae DO/DU "storefront" to not display content. This is NOT hindering any submissions to DO/DU, but is causing the text to not display in the main Fannie Mae page under 'Services'. (5/20/15 12:00 pm PT)

Encompass Compliance Service:
If the following error is received within Encompass "Error updating Alert Reportable Fields: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Encompass.TQLClientServices.PlinthAlertReportProxy.UpdateAllEnaledInvestors(Int32 plinth) at Encompass.ComplianceService.Mavent.OrderManual Report()", please log out of Encompass and then back in and the error should be rectified. 

An Encompass Document Management (EDM) update deployed May 14, has made visible a new loan-level consent process in your hosted Test environment.
- This loan-level consent functionality will not be available for testing until your Encompass System Admin has performed a "Save" of the Company Information settings in Encompass Settings in your Test environment.  
This is a one-time operation you will need to perform in your Test environment  in order to be able to test the loan-level consent workflow.
- This condition, and the step required to cure it, does not apply to production Encompass environments scheduled to updated the evening of May 16.
---- Please note, not all production Encompass environments are scheduled to be updated the evening of May 16 - clients who will receive their production update have been notified via prior communications.

Calendar Field Issue:
- Ellie Mae Development continues to research errors received when clicking the calendar icon on input forms.   Testing indicates that the issue stems from Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-048 released 5/12/2015 (5/13/2015 10:35 am PDT)
- Current workarounds are to manually enter the date or to click "Ignore" to bypass the issue error message. 



Encompass 4506T Delivery Issues-
he IRS had a system-wide issue over a three hour window, Thursday afternoon May 14th that impacted the delivery of completed transcript orders originally submitted to CoreLogic midday Friday May 7th. Since early Friday May 15th, CoreLogic has been reprocessing these orders and will continue to do so until all are cleared. The IRS has created an accelerated process to complete re-delivery over the next two days. Because of this, you will see orders delivered outside the usual first-in, first-out processing norm. Until then, we appreciate your patience on those orders originally placed May 7th.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The IRS offices will be closed on Monday, May 25, 2015 in observance of the Memorial Day Holiday. 
Any 4506T orders submitted around this date may experience extended fulfillment times.
CoreLogic offices will also be closed.

Continued IRS Service Times Overall
The IRS continues to provide system-wide service levels of 5 business days and has expressed to the industry that they do not expect a significant reduction in the near term owing to their present staffing and budget limitations.  We apologize for these IRS transcript issues, and suggest you adjust your processing expectations to allow for these extended service levels.

15.1 Release Topics & Communications are available on the Resource Center for your organization's named contacts here.
Details are available on known 15.1 related issues including workarounds and planned updates.


Encompass Version 15.1:

Clients in need of the Encompass version 15.1 SDK installation may download the installer from the following location - please note the SDK components packaged within these installers may be updated as we approach the 15.1 General Release timeframe.

Current links updated for 15.1.1 on 5/13/15

## When experiencing general, system wide latency, we often refer to sites such as "www.internetpulse.net" and "www.downdetector.com" for ISP health statistics and to corroborate trends that might be occurring within the public domain that are affecting various Internet Service Providers.  Common Windows networking utilities such as "ping" and "tracert" can be used to further isolate and determine the condition of the local and wide-area networks and the stability of various Internet Service Providers over which your internet traffic is routing.


Ellie Mae System Maintenance


Ellie Mae may be conducting scheduled system maintenance during the windows defined below.

Access to Encompass®, Encompass® services, and the Ellie Mae NetworkTM may be unavailable during a maintenance window.

Saturday, May 2 / Sunday, May 3 Scheduled maintenance 8pm - 4am PT                                                                                                                           
Tuesday, May 5 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Thursday, May 7 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Saturday, May 9 / Sunday, May 10 Scheduled maintenance 8pm - 4am PT  
Tuesday, May 12 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Thursday, May 14 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Saturday, May 16 / Sunday, May 17 Scheduled maintenance 8pm - 2am PT Clients notified that they will receive their Encompass 15.1
update on the evening of May 16 may experience an interruption in service 
between the hours of 4pm PT May 16, and 4am PT May 17 - this extended
window applies only to clients who have been notified in prior communications
of their pre-scheduled update.
Tuesday, May  19 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Thursday, May 21 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  

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