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Encompass® Hosting Servers

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Encompass Appraisal Center

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Encompass Compliance Service

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Encompass Document Solution

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Mavent® System

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Electronic Document Management

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Ellie Mae Fax Service

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Encompass Product and Pricing Service

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Ellie Mae Loan Center / eSigning

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Encompass Title Center

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Encompass TPO WebCenter

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Encompass WebCenter

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Ellie Mae Network Services

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Encompass Homepage

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Encompass CRM

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Learning Management System

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Technical Support Phone Support

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Technical Support Online Chat Support

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Client Forums

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Ellie Mae System Status Message

*Level 3 Communications is currently experiencing outages that is affecting some Encompass users in various parts of the country.  Affected users may experience general latency, problems logging in or getting kicked out of Encompass.  (9/1/2015 @ 2:05pm PDT)

Corelogic Services - 4506 T and Credco (Digital Certificate)
We have received a few contacts this morning regarding a 402/403 error when attempting to use the CoreLogic Credco (Digitial Certificate) and CoreLogic 4506-T Direct Report (Digital Certificate) service through Encompass. CoreLogic is aware of the issue and currently working on a solution. For additional information, please contact Corelogic's support line 800.423.1150 (7:30AM PT 9/2/15)

Optimal Blue:
Optimal Blue will be performing scheduled system maintenance from 10:00 pm Central on Friday, September 4th through 2:00 am Central on Saturday, September 5th. Optimal Blue services may be intermittently unavailable during the scheduled maintenance hours and will resume normal operations when maintenance is completed.

4506T Service Requests
Late last week, the IRS experienced technical difficulties with their Transcript Delivery Service. The issues were resolved on Friday, and order fulfillment has resumed. However, we are still experiencing delays in order fulfillment. The current IRS turn time has increased to four days. (2:16pm 8/25/15)

CoreLogic Maintenance
CoreLogic will be performing maintenance starting Sept 5, 8pm PT through Sept 6, 8am PT.  During this time expect disruption to Encompass Fraud Manager, Risk Manager and CCVP services through TQL.
CoreLogic will be performing maintenance starting Sept 13, 8am PT through 8pm PT.  During this time, expect intermittent disruptions to Encompass TQL Flood Service.

Fannie Mae - UCDP Maintenance
Fannie Mae has informed us of two separate maintenance events, during which there will be no access to UCDP services.
On Saturday, Sept 19 from 11am to Sunday, Sept 20, 11pm ET, UCDP will be unavailable and appraisals should not be submitted.
On Friday, Sept 25 from 9pm to Saturday, Sept 26, 1pm ET, appraisals may be submitted to UCDP, but Fannie Mae findings will not be available.



15.1 Release Topics & Communications are available on the Resource Center for your organization's named support contacts  here

 - On the 15.1 Release Topics & Communications page, your company's named support contacts may access details of which are known to exist in Encompass version 15.1.
 - We will continue to post updates to the Release Topics & Communications page, including workarounds and target dates for resolution
 - Named support contacts may "follow" issues of interest by clicking into the topic, and selecting "Follow this Topic" - doing so will create a tracking case by which email communications will be sent 

Attention Windows 7 and 8.x Users
On July 29th Microsoft released Windows 10. At this time Windows 10 is not supported by Ellie Mae and our recommendation is to not install Windows 10 on any workstation that is needed to access  Encompass.
Please reference our Product System Requirements & Compatibility Matrix found on the Resource Center for any workstation used to access Encompass.

Encompass Version 15.1:
Clients in need of the Encompass or SDK install or upgrade links for version 15.1, may download the installer from the following location: https://resourcecenter.elliemae.com/resourcecenter/Downloads.aspx

## When experiencing general, system wide latency, we often refer to sites such as "www.internetpulse.net" and "www.downdetector.com" for ISP health statistics and to corroborate trends that might be occurring within the public domain that are affecting various Internet Service Providers.  Common Windows networking utilities such as "ping" and "tracert" can be used to further isolate and determine the condition of the local and wide-area networks and the stability of various Internet Service Providers over which your internet traffic is routing.


Ellie Mae System Maintenance


Ellie Mae may be conducting scheduled system maintenance during the windows defined below.

Access to Encompass®, Encompass® services, and the Ellie Mae NetworkTM may be unavailable during a maintenance window.

Saturday, September 5 / Sunday, September 6 Scheduled maintenance 4pm - 4am PT  
Tuesday, September 8 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Thursday, September 10 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Saturday, September 12 / Sunday, September 13 Scheduled maintenance 4pm - 4am PT  
Tuesday, September 15 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Thursday, September 17 Scheduled maintenance 10pm - 2am PT  
Saturday, September 19 / Sunday, September 20 Scheduled maintenance 4pm - 4am PT  

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